FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is e-repository and how it works with eScholastic app?

An e-repository is a space that is integrated with your eScholastic app where you can upload everyday class videos, notes, special study materials, question banks, your magazine in live format and books.

E-repository also takes care of all your user details, examination, notification, etc.

All the above items are properly categorized through eScholastic app. So, you can easily customize each item according to the syllabus and class.

2. Who can access the app?

1. Principal (Admin access)

2. Teacher (Limited to user)

3. Students (Limited to user)

4. Parent (Limited to user) – Informative only with chat support on request.

In order to make things easy, each user category has different rights and information available in their panel.

The application uses a single user login system, hence each student will have a unique user id and password through which they can access what you teach.

Note: Your data is secured and nontransferable, students will not be able to share your valuable study material through any means.

3. Does it require any special computer skills to operate?

No special computer skill is required to operate the app. The application uses a web dashboard which has been specially designed keeping in mind that anyone with least computer knowledge can also operate and unlock all features of the application with ease.

The Admin need to have just one PC with internet connection.

The admin can also operate the same by using a cell phone.

Note: Admin can also assign operation rights by creating secondary admin

Normally you can prepare good study materials in the form of pdf, audio and video (mp4).

Preparing study materials is as easy as writing notes in MS Word or recording a self-explanatory video from a cell phone using front camera, you can also take still image of your hand written notes and put it as a study material.

But, if you have a little advance skill or other resources you can prepare great videos using any video tool software available in the market both for PC and Phone. For assistance we also recommend the best tools that will suit your need.

Note: There is no limit to study materials, you can upload multiple videos and pdf files for the same topic. All will reflect in the app under your syllabus category. Different students have different learning skills.

5. How many online exams can be conducted through this app, what are the types?

Online examination is basically in the form of MCQ, True False, Fill in the blanks, Matrix style is coming soon.

You can also add rich images using exam tools available in the panel to prepare advance level online exams.

You can conduct online examination on daily basis. The system also offers option to create multiple question sets, shuffle among questions and students attendance facility during exam for a proper seating order when conducted in a classroom.

Note: Online examination has an auto evaluation system and features like time slot, duration, more are available. Reports are generated automatically once the exam is submitted by the student or the exam time is over. In no time the detailed reports will be generated and stored in your e-repository data base.

6. How can we see the syllabus progress?

Students can only see the topic names and cannot see the supported study materials inside it unless the access is given by the teachers simply by tapping on to the topic using their own ID in the app. Unlike books, here you can restrict students to jump to next topics. It doesn’t matter what amount of supported study materials you have uploaded in you e-repository, each topic will require an approval from its respective teacher.

Students will be able to access all contents of that topic once the access is given, that will update the syllabus in the syllabus portal.

7. What is session recorder?

Session recorder basically monitors students reading habit for a personalized experience. The application has an adaptive technology that monitors the amount of time and spent at each study material request.

The recorder refreshes itself whenever a student taps on any topic.

8. Can we send notice? If yes to whom?

Yes you can send customized notices and send notification to all users of the app. You can also send the notices to target users in real time. Sending notices is at present available at the Admin only.

Note: Notices takes generally 20 second to 60 seconds to get published. The system also support chat facility.

9. What is the difference between eScholastic app and any other e-learning app?

eScholastic app has been designed for a synchronized academic management and learning solution for institution, at eScholastic every institution can maintain its unique identity by providing its value based education and stands apart from any other eLearning app which is only student centric.

With the help of eScholastic an institution can activate its online academic system in real short time. It has been designed as a digital replica of traditional academic system.

No special training will be required for administrators, teacher and any other user. Simple, reliable and easy to use architecture enables institution to perform more in least time.

10. Is the any user guide for eScholastic app?

Yes, a user guide will be given to every institution to perform the activities along with 24/7 technical support system. Institutions are requested to make their request immediately for any change or modification if required.

We value your suggestion, hence we request our users to suggest great ideas that can be developed to make the app even better on the go.

11. How to prepare a video study material?

Simply by using the front camera of your cell phone you can record the video. Simple steps to prepare quick videos.

1. Video resolution 480p recommended, but you can also use 720p-1080p resolution. If your phone has a high megapixel camera or does not have an option to capture video in 480p resolution, you can download a third party camera app from the ‘google playstore’ and use it in 480p mode to record self-explanatory videos, hand motion videos and more. Details available in user guide. You can also crop videos of bigger length using video cutters and convert videos in parts. You can also use video compress software or app to change the video resolution and size.

2. Video format mp4

3. Video length (each file) – 15-20 minutes maximum

4. Video size (each file) – 400MB maximum

12. How many times I can use the study materials?

Once you have uploaded a study material, you can use it as many times as you want, you can reassign the prepared study materials to different classes/ batches. Complete solution for study material modification is available in the Admin Panel. Benefits can be taken multiple times with one time effort.