Thinking of a futuristic school where Education is not only imparted with proper training but with proper technology through a digital classroom app. Omega Rankers Smart School App caters to the need of every school by enabling action based education programs at fingertip, each module of the app has been designed and developed to incorporate with school’s academic process and convert their plans into actions digitally. Teachers will add values to their teaching and can analyse it at every step.

Students love learning with their own Smart School App as it plays along with classroom learning strictly focused to their syllabus thus every classroom lecture is well memorized on time. Time is precious especially for students, following a proper routine will give good result, Omega Rankers Smart School App assist students to stick to the routine work and saves time too for more learning. The management can perform activities like conduct classes, video lectures, supply handouts, conduct both online and offline exams on daily basis, generate reports, communicate, performance analysis and many more .

A synchronization of traditional classroom with digital class app is a modern and effective method of teaching.


With the help of technology the idea of e-learning has shown a remarkable admiration in this learning environment. Students are keen to learn through conceptual learning and video contents, it has become easier for every group of student to learn complex topics with ease and recall the taught chapters too.

E-learning is the fastest way of learning and it always stays updated with time allowing students to learn topics through different illustrations and creates a personalized learning atmosphere.

Omega Rankers E- learning programmes follow the same factors to help and support students obtain knowledge in an easy way yet generating curiosity to gather an in-depth knowledge, encouraging students to clear their doubts and practice multiple times before getting the best result. More than a hundred thousand of quality learning contents will surely be the best gift for your students.



Exam Management Tool

Learning is never complete without an examination so as teaching. It’s difficult for any teacher or school management to assign a test or evaluate answer sheets on daily basis, Omega Rankers Exam Management tool gives your school a pre-loaded customizable exam management system, now conducting test/ exam, evaluation of answer sheets and generating reports can become way easier than before. The system can take test upon every topic and at multi levels multiple times and store reports in school’s database that can be used for different purposes like report management, performance analysis, syllabus report and more using exam management tool.

Report Management

Assessment of reports like class academic report, student academic report, subject report and group to single student report has been so easy with Omega Rankers Report Management. No paper work, no files or folders required, simply conduct as many tests as you want in the classes and leave the rest to Omega Rankers Report Management system. Every report is detailed and summarized and contribute its effectiveness in creating a better Exam cell in your school. Its quick and easy modules will turn complex data into a well-defined record system. It can secure the records at highest level with administrative rights.




Having a doubt why to wait then? Ask here and we will help you solve your problems. Don’t stuck conquer your doubts, our faculties are 24x7 active to assist you, if you feel stuck somewhere in the middle of your study hour they will guide you finish your study by explaining the answers or solving any problem. It’s a big pool of specialists, teachers can also enroll themselves to the system and become a member of this community and help their students to excel.

Parent connect

Waiting for PTM or no time to reach school? Worried about ward’s academic progress? If you wait you may wait some more! Now you can know about what your ward is learning at school today or what the learning progress is. Comprehensive reports about students like syllabus, topics taught, class test, result summary and can be directly accessed by their parent using Omega Rankers Parent App.